Restless tuneup of high-fidelity qubit gates 1697_restless_tuneup_of_highfidelity_qubit_gates.pdf

Publication TypeJournal Paper
TitleRestless tuneup of high-fidelity qubit gates
Author(s)M. A. Rol
C. C. Bultink
T. E. O'Brien
S. R. de Jong
L. S. Theis
X. Fu
F. Luthi
R. F. L. Vermeulen
J. C. de Sterke
A. Bruno
D. Deurloo
R. N. Schouten
F. K. Wilhelm
L. DiCarlo
Publication DateApril 2017
Journal NamePhysical Review Applied
Page Numbers
ISSN2331-7019 (online)
Selected PublicationNo
Group(s)Computer Engineering

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