M. Hamdi

NameM. Hamdi
First NameMounir
Author TypeExternal


L. Mhamdi, M. Hamdi, Distributed Parallel Scheduling Algorithms for High-Speed Virtual Output Queuing Switches 306_distributed_parallel_scheduling_algorithms_for_highspeed_vi.pdf (July 2009), 14th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2009), 5-8 July 2009, Sousse, Tunisia , Finalist for best paper award (ranked 2nd out of 146 papers) [Conference Paper]
L. Mhamdi, M. Hamdi, C. Kachris, S. Wong, S. Vassiliadis, High-performance switching based on buffered crossbar fabrics 700_highperformance_switching_based_on_buffered_crossbar_fabric.pdf (September 2006), Computer Networks, volume 50, issue 13 [Journal Paper]