X. Martorell

NameX. Martorell
First NameXavi
Author TypeExternal


C.B. Ciobanu, X. Martorell, G.K. Kuzmanov, A. Ramirez, G.N. Gaydadjiev, Scalability Evaluation of a Polymorphic Register File: a CG Case Study 87_scalability_evaluation_of_a_polymorphic_register_file_a_cg_c.pdf (February 2011), Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2011), 22-25 February 2011, Como, Italy [Conference Paper]
D. Cabrera, X. Martorell, G.N. Gaydadjiev, E. Ayguade, D.A. Jiménez, OpenMP extensions for FPGA Accelerators 323_openmp_extensions_for_fpga_accelerators.pdf (July 2009), International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (IC-SAMOS 2009), 20-23 July 2009, Samos, Greece [Conference Paper]