S.J. Raaijmakers

NameS.J. Raaijmakers
First NameStefan
Author TypeMsc Student
AffiliationTU Delft


S.J. Raaijmakers, S. Wong, Run-Time Partial Reconfiguration for Removal, Placement and Routing on the Virtex-II Pro 577_runtime_partial_reconfiguration_for_removal_placement_and.pdf (August 2007), 17th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2007), 27-29 August 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
S.J. Raaijmakers, S. Wong, Run-time Placement and Routing on the Virtex 2 Pro 786_runtime_placement_and_routing_on_the_virtex_2_pro.pdf (November 2006), 17th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (ProRISC 2006), 23-24 November 2006, Veldhoven, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]