W.M. van Oijen

NameW.M. van Oijen
First NameWouter
Author TypeMsc Student
AffiliationTU Delft


G.K. Kuzmanov, W.M. van Oijen, Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication in a Polymorphic Processor 643_floatingpoint_matrix_multiplication_in_a_polymorphic_proces.pdf (December 2007), International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (ICFPT 2007), 12-14 December 2007, Kokurakita, Japan [Conference Paper]
W.M. van Oijen, G.K. Kuzmanov, Matrix Multiplication Implementation in the MOLEN Polymorphic Processor 667_matrix_multiplication_implementation_in_the_molen_polymorphi.pdf (November 2007), 18th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (ProRISC 2007), 29-30 November 2007, Veldhoven, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
W.M. van Oijen, Implementation of a Polymorphic Floating-Point Matrix Multiplication Unit 582_implementation_of_a_polymorphic_floatingpoint_matrix_multip.pdf (August 2007), , cum laude (with distinction) [Msc Thesis]