E.F. Deprettere

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E.F. Deprettere, J. Teich, S. Vassiliadis, Embedded processor design challenges - Proceedings of the 2002 SAMOS Workshop 1110_embedded_processor_design_challenges__proceedings_of_the_2.pdf (July 2002), 2nd International Samos Workshop on Systems, Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (SAMOS 2002), 22-25 July 2002, Samos, Greece [Conference Proceedings]
A.D. Pimentel, P. van der Wolf, E.F. Deprettere, L.O. Hertzberger, J.T.J. van Eijndhoven, S. Vassiliadis, The Artemis Architecture Workbench 1284_the_artemis_architecture_workbench.pdf (October 2000), 1st Workshop on Embedded Systems (PROGRESS 2000), 13 October 2000, Utrecht, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]