B. Vermeulen

NameB. Vermeulen
First NameBart
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A. Azevedo, B. Vermeulen, K.G.W. Goossens, Architecture and Design Flow for a Debug Event Distribution Interconnect 1305_architecture_and_design_flow_for_a_debug_event_distribution.pdf (September 2012), 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD 2012), 30 September - 3 October 2012, Montreal, Canada [Conference Paper]
K.G.W. Goossens, B. Vermeulen, A. Beyranvand Nejad, A High-Level Debug Environment for Communication-Centric Debug 356_a_highlevel_debug_environment_for_communicationcentric_deb.pdf (April 2009), Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2009), 20-24 April 2009, Nice, France [Conference Paper]