Z. Popovic

NameZ. Popovic
First NameZdravko
Author TypeExternal


Z. Popovic, R. Giorgi, N. Puzovic, B.H.H. Juurlink, A. Azevedo, Analyzing Scalability of Deblocking Filter of H.264 via TLP exploitation in a new many-core architecture 424_analyzing_scalability_of_deblocking_filter_of_h264_via_tlp.pdf (September 2008), 11th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design: Architectures, Methods and Tools (DSD 2008), 3-5 September 2008, Parma, Italy [Conference Paper]
R. Giorgi, Z. Popovic, N. Puzovic, A. Azevedo, B.H.H. Juurlink, Exploiting Parallelism of Deblocking Filter of H.264 on DTA Architecture 458_exploiting_parallelism_of_deblocking_filter_of_h264_on_dta.pdf (July 2008), 4th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for Embedded Systems (ACACES 2008), 13-19 July 2008, L'Aquila, Italy , ACACES Poster Abstracts [Conference Paper]