G.L. Reijns

NameG.L. Reijns
First NameGerard
Author TypeExternal
AffiliationTU Delft (Emeritus)


G.L. Reijns, A.J.C. van Gemund, Reliability Analysis of Hierarchical Systems Using Statistical Moments 566_reliability_analysis_of_hierarchical_systems_using_statistic.pdf (September 2007), IEEE Transactions on Reliability (TR), volume 56, issue 3 [Journal Paper]
G.L. Reijns, A.J.C. van Gemund, H. Gautama, On the Use of Pierson Distributions for the Performance Prediction of Parallel Programs (December 2003), Symposium on Performance Evaluation - Stories and Perspectives, 5-6 December 2003, Vienna, Austria [Conference Paper]
G.L. Reijns, A.J.C. van Gemund, H. Gautama, Performance analysis of multi-stage interconnection networks with deterministic service times 1239_performance_analysis_of_multistage_interconnection_network.pdf (March 2001), Parallel Processing Letters (PPL), volume 11, issue 1 [Journal Paper]