S. Inoue

NameS. Inoue
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Author TypeExternal
AffiliationDelft Institute of Microelectonics and Submicrontechnology (DIMES)


W. Fang, A.J. van Genderen, R. Ishihara, R. Vikas, N. Karaki, Y. Hiroschima, S. Inoue, T. Shimoda, J.W. Metselaar, C.I.M. Beenakker, Automated Digital Circuits Design based on Single-Grain Si TFTs Fabricated Through the micro-Czochralski (Grain Filter) Process 728_automated_digital_circuits_design_based_on_singlegrain_si_t.pdf (July 2006), 13th International Workshop on Active-Matrix Flatpanel Displays and Devices (AM-FPD 2006), 5-7 July 2006, Tokyo, Japan [Conference Paper]