S.N. Demidenko

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S.N. Demidenko, N. Lord, A.J. van de Goor, V. Piuri, Quasi on-line testing of embedded random access memory (April 2002), 4th International Conference on Massively Parallel Computing Systems (MPCS 2002), 10-12 April 2002, Ischia, Italy [Conference Paper]
S.N. Demidenko, A.J. van de Goor, S. Henderson, P. Knoppers, Simulation and development of short transparent tests for RAM 1223_simulation_and_development_of_short_transparent_tests_for_r.pdf (November 2001), 10th Asian Test Symposium (ATS 2001), 19-21 November 2001, Kyoto, Japan [Conference Paper]