V.V. Kritchallo

NameV.V. Kritchallo
First NameValery
Author TypePhd Student
AffiliationTU Delft


V.V. Kritchallo, B. Braithwaite, E. Vermij, K.L.M. Bertels, Z. Al-Ars, Balancing High-Performance Parallelization and Accuracy in Canny Edge Detector 1526_balancing_highperformance_parallelization_and_accuracy_in.pdf (April 2016), 29th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2016), 4-7 April 2016, Nuremberg, Germany [Conference Paper]
V.V. Kritchallo, E. Vermij, K.L.M. Bertels, Z. Al-Ars, Fidelity Slider: a User-Defined Method to Trade off Accuracy for Performance in Canny Edge Detector 1530_fidelity_slider_a_userdefined_method_to_trade_off_accurac.pdf (January 2016), 11th HiPEAC conference (HiPEAC 2016), 18-20 January 2016, Prague, Czech Republic , online publication [Conference Paper]