B. Kienhuis

NameB. Kienhuis
First NameBart
Author TypeExternal
AffiliationUniversiteit Leiden


R. Nane, S. van Haastregt, T.P. Stefanov, B. Kienhuis, V.M. Sima, K.L.M. Bertels, IP-XACT Extensions for Reconfigurable Computing 8_ipxact_extensions_for_reconfigurable_computing.pdf (September 2011), 22nd IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP 2011), 11-14 September 2011, Santa Monica, USA [Conference Paper]
R. Nane, S. van Haastregt, T.P. Stefanov, B. Kienhuis, K.L.M. Bertels, An HdS Meta-Model Case Study: Integrating Orthogonal Computation Models 734_an_hds_metamodel_case_study_integrating_orthogonal_computa.pdf (March 2011), Workshop DATE 2011 : Hardware Dependent Software (HdS) Solutions for SoC Design (DATE 2011 Workshop), 18 March 2011, Grenoble, France [Conference Paper]
A. Beyranvand Nejad, K.G.W. Goossens, J. Walters, B. Kienhuis, Mapping KPN Models of Streaming Applications on A Network-on-Chip Platform 391_mapping_kpn_models_of_streaming_applications_on_a_networkon.pdf (November 2009), 20th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing (ProRISC 2009), 26-27 November 2009, Veldhoven, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
S. van Haastregt, R. Nane, B. Kienhuis, HdS Generation (October 2009), SS Workshop in Embedded Systems Week (ESWeek 2009 Workshop), 16 October 2009, Grenoble, France [Conference Paper]