J. Vollrath

NameJ. Vollrath
First NameJoerg
Author TypeExternal


Z. Al-Ars, S. Hamdioui, A.J. van de Goor, G.N. Gaydadjiev, J. Vollrath, DRAM-Specific Space of Memory Tests 798_dramspecific_space_of_memory_tests.pdf (October 2006), IEEE International Test Conference (ITC 2006), 22-27 October 2006, Santa Clara, USA [Conference Paper]
Z. Al-Ars, S. Hamdioui, G. Mueller, J. Vollrath, Bitline-Coupled Precharge Faults and Their Detection in Memory Devices 748_bitlinecoupled_precharge_faults_and_their_detection_in_memo.pdf (May 2006), 11th IEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2006), 21-24 May 2006, Southampton, UK [Conference Paper]
Z. Al-Ars, S. Hamdioui, J. Vollrath, Investigations of Faulty DRAM Behavior Using Electrical Simulation Versus an Analytical Approach 862_investigations_of_faulty_dram_behavior_using_electrical_simu.pdf (December 2005), 14th Asian Test Symposium (ATS 2005), 18-21 December 2005, Calcutta, India [Conference Paper]