M. Bodea

NameM. Bodea
First NameMircea
Author TypeExternal


M.D. Padure, S.D. Cotofana, C. Dan, S. Vassiliadis, M. Bodea, Compact Delay Modeling of Latch-based Threshold Logic Gates 1160_compact_delay_modeling_of_latchbased_threshold_logic_gates.pdf (October 2002), International Semiconductor Conference (CAS 2002), 8-12 October 2002, Sinaia, Romania , Best Paper Award [Conference Paper]
M.D. Padure, S.D. Cotofana, S. Vassiliadis, C. Dan, M. Bodea, A low-power threshold logic family 1090_a_lowpower_threshold_logic_family.pdf (September 2002), 9th IEEE International conference on electronics, circuits and systems (ICECS 2002), 15-18 September 2002, Dubrovnik, Croatia [Conference Paper]
M.D. Padure, S.D. Cotofana, C. Dan, M. Bodea, S. Vassiliadis, A new latch-based threshold logic family 1231_a_new_latchbased_threshold_logic_family.pdf (October 2001), International Semiconductor Conference (CAS 2001), 9-13 October 2001, Sinaia, Romania [Conference Paper]