M. Zandrahimi

NameM. Zandrahimi
First NameMahroo
Author TypePhd Student
AffiliationTU Delft


M. Zandrahimi, A. Castillejo, P. Debaud, Z. Al-Ars, Industrial Approaches for Performance Evaluation Using On-Chip Monitors 1561_industrial_approaches_for_performance_evaluation_using_onc.pdf (December 2016), 11th IEEE International Design & Test Symposium (IDT 2016), 18-20 December 2016, Hammamet, Tunisia [Conference Paper]
M. Zandrahimi, Z. Al-Ars, P. Debaud, A. Castillejo, Challenges of Using On-Chip Performance Monitors for Process and Environmental Variation Compensation (March 2016), Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2016), 14-18 March 2016, Dresden, Germany [Conference Proceedings]
M. Zandrahimi, Z. Al-Ars, A Survey on Low-Power Techniques for Single and Multicore Systems 1449_a_survey_on_lowpower_techniques_for_single_and_multicore_s.pdf (October 2014), 3rd International Conference on Context-Aware Systems and Applications (ICCASA 2014), 15-16 October 2014, Dubai, United Arab Emirates [Conference Paper]
M. Zandrahimi, Z. Al-Ars, An Overview of Power Reduction Techniques for Single and Multicore Systems 1433_an_overview_of_power_reduction_techniques_for_single_and_mu.pdf (November 2013), ICT.OPEN 2013, 27-28 November 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]