M. Lefter

NameM. Lefter
First NameMihai
Author TypePhd Student
AffiliationTU Delft


M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, T. Marconi, V. Savin, S.D. Cotofana, LDPC-Based Adaptive Multi-Error Correction for 3D Memories 1641_ldpcbased_adaptive_multierror_correction_for_3d_memories.pdf (September 2017), 35th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD 2017), 5-8 November 2017, Boston, USA [Conference Paper]
M. Lefter, T. Marconi, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Low Cost Multi-Error Correction for 3D Polyhedral Memories 1640_low_cost_multierror_correction_for_3d_polyhedral_memories.pdf (July 2017), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2017), 25-26 July 2017, Newporrt, USA [Conference Paper]
M. Enachescu, M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Low-Leakage 3D Stacked Hybrid NEMFET-CMOS Dual Port Memory (July 2016), IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing , DOI: 10.1109/TETC.2016.2588725 [Journal Paper]
M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, A Shared Polyhedral Cache for 3D Wide-I/O Multi-Core Computing Platforms 1478_a_shared_polyhedral_cache_for_3d_wideio_multicore_comput.pdf (May 2015), IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2015), 24-27 May 2015, Lisbon, Portugal [Conference Paper]
M. Lefter, M. Enachescu, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Energy Effective 3D Stacked Hybrid NEMFET-CMOS Caches 1582_energy_effective_3d_stacked_hybrid_nemfetcmos_caches.pdf (July 2014), 10th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2014), 8-10 July 2014, Paris, France [Conference Paper]
G.R. Voicu, M. Lefter, M. Enachescu, S.D. Cotofana, 3D Stacked Wide-Operand Adders: A Case Study 1586_3d_stacked_wideoperand_adders_a_case_study.pdf (June 2013), 24th IEEE International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP 2013), 5-7 June 2013, Washington D.C., USA [Conference Paper]
M. Enachescu, M. Lefter, A. Bazigos, A. Ionescu, S.D. Cotofana, Ultra Low Power NEMFET Based Logic 1589_ultra_low_power_nemfet_based_logic.pdf (May 2013), IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2013), 19-23 May 2013, Beijing, China [Conference Paper]
M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, M. Taouil, M. Enachescu, S. Hamdioui, S.D. Cotofana, Is TSV-based 3D Integration Suitable for Inter-die Memory Repair? 1328_is_tsvbased_3d_integration_suitable_for_interdie_memory_r.pdf (March 2013), Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE 2013), 18-22 March 2013, Grenoble, France [Conference Paper]
M. Taouil, M. Lefter, S. Hamdioui, Exploring Test Opportunities for Memory and Interconnects in 3D ICs 1337_exploring_test_opportunities_for_memory_and__interconnects.pdf (December 2012), International Design & Test Symposium (IDT 2012), 15-17 December 2012, Doha, Qatar [Conference Paper]
S. Safiruddin, M. Lefter, D. Borodin, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Zero-Performance-Overhead Online Fault Detection and Diagnosis in 3D Stacked Integrated Circuits 1308_zeroperformanceoverhead_online_fault_detection_and_diagno.pdf (July 2012), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2012), 4-6 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
S. Safiruddin, D. Borodin, M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Is 3D Integration The Way to Future Dependable Computing Platforms? 1307_is_3d_integration_the_way_to_future_dependable_computing_pl.pdf (May 2012), 13th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM 2012), 24-26 May 2012, Brasov, Romania [Conference Paper]