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C. Gou, G.K. Kuzmanov, G.N. Gaydadjiev, SAMS Multi-Layout Memory: Providing Multiple Views of Data to Boost SIMD Performance 178_sams_multilayout_memory_providing_multiple_views_of_data_t.pdf (June 2010), 24th International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS 2010), 1-4 June 2010, Tsukuba, Japan , Acceptance rate: 17.8% (32/180), Best paper award [Conference Paper]
T. Marconi, J.Y. Hur, K.L.M. Bertels, G.N. Gaydadjiev, A Novel Configuration Circuit Architecture to Speedup Reconfiguration and Relocation for Partially Reconfigurable Devices 179_a_novel_configuration_circuit_architecture_to_speedup_reconf.pdf (June 2010), IEEE 8th Symposium on Application Specific Processors (SASP 2010), 13-14 June 2010, Anaheim, USA [Conference Paper]
M. Sabeghi, K.L.M. Bertels, Interfacing Operating Systems and Polymorphic Computing Platforms based on the MOLEN Programming Paradigm 180_interfacing_operating_systems_and_polymorphic_computing_plat.pdf (June 2010), 6th Annual Workshop on the Interaction between Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (WIOSCA 2010), 19 June 2010, Saint-Malo, France [Conference Paper]
M. Sabeghi, H. Mushtaq, K.L.M. Bertels, Runtime Multitasking Support on Reconfigurable Accelerators 181_runtime_multitasking_support_on_reconfigurable_accelerators.pdf (June 2010), 1st International Workshop on Highly-Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies (HEART 2010), 1 June 2010, Tsukuba, Japan [Conference Paper]
V. Kyovtorov, H. Kabakchiev, G.K. Kuzmanov, Power analysis of parallel CA-CFAR FPGA design 185_power_analysis_of_parallel_cacfar_fpga_design.pdf (June 2010), 11th International Radar Symposium (IRS 2010), 16-18 June 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania [Conference Paper]
M. Ahmadi, A. Shahbahrami, S. Wong, Collaboration of Reconfigurable Processors in Grid Computing for Multimedia Kernels 187_collaboration_of_reconfigurable_processors_in_grid_computing.pdf (May 2010), 5th International Conference on Grid And Pervasive Computing (GPC 2010), 10-14 May 2010, Hualien, Taiwan [Conference Paper]
L. Mhamdi, K.G.W. Goossens, I.V. Senin, Buffered Crossbar Fabrics Based on Networks on Chip 188_buffered_crossbar_fabrics_based_on_networks_on_chip.pdf (May 2010), 8th Conference on Communications Networks and Services Research (CNSR 2010), 11-14 May 2010, Montreal, Canada [Conference Paper]
Y. Lu, T. Marconi, K.L.M. Bertels, G.N. Gaydadjiev, A Communication Aware Online Task Scheduling Algorithm for FPGA-based Partially Reconfigurable Systems 189_a_communication_aware_online_task_scheduling_algorithm_for_f.pdf (May 2010), 18th Annual International IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM 2010), 2-4 May 2010, Charlotte, USA [Conference Paper]
D. Borodin, B.H.H. Juurlink, Protective Redundancy Overhead Reduction Using Instruction Vulnerability Factor 190_protective_redundancy_overhead_reduction_using_instruction_v.pdf (May 2010), ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers (CF 2010), 17-19 May 2010, Bertinoro, Italy [Conference Paper]
A.M. Molnos, J.A. Ambrose, A.T. Nelson, R.A. Stefan, K.G.W. Goossens, S.D. Cotofana, A Composable, Energy-Managed, Real-Time MPSOC Platform 192_a_composable_energymanaged_realtime_mpsoc_platform.pdf (May 2010), 12th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM 2010), 20-22 May 2010, Brasov, Romania [Conference Paper]
D. Stafylarakis, Security in RFID systems 194_security_in_rfid_systems.pdf (May 2010), [Msc Thesis]
D. Dave, Automated Implant-Processor Design 197_automated_implantprocessor_design.pdf (May 2010), [Msc Thesis]
B. Noia, S.K. Goel, K. Chakrabarty, E.J. Marinissen, J. Verbree, Test-architecture optimization for TSV-based 3D stacked ICs (May 2010), 15th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2010), 25-28 May 2010, Prague, Czech Republic [Conference Paper]
J. Verbree, E.J. Marinissen, P. Roussel, D. Velenis, On the cost-effectiveness of matching repositories of pre-tested wafers for wafer-to-wafer 3D chip stacking (May 2010), 15th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS 2010), 25-28 May 2010, Prague, Czech Republic [Conference Paper]
E.J. Marinissen, J. Verbree, M. Konijnenburg, A structured and scalable test access architecture for TSV-based 3D stacked ICs (April 2010), 28th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS 2010), 19-22 April 2010, Santa Cruz, USA [Conference Paper]
R. Amini, D. Torczynski, Magentorquer Based Attitude Control for a Nano-Satellite Platform (April 2010), AIAA Infotech@Aerospace, 20-22 April 2011, Atlanta, USA [Conference Paper]
A.J. van de Goor, S. Hamdioui, G.N. Gaydadjiev, Using a CISC microcontroller to test embedded memories (April 2010), 13th IEEE International Symposium on Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS 2010), 14-16 April 2010, Vienna, Austria [Conference Paper]
F. Anjam, S. Wong, M.F. Nadeem, A shared Reconfigurable VLIW Multiprocessor System 200_a_shared_reconfigurable_vliw_multiprocessor_system.pdf (April 2010), 17th Reconfigurable Architectures Workshop (RAW 2010), 19-20 April 2010, Atlanta, USA [Conference Paper]