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M. Taouil, S. Hamdioui, Yield Improvement for 3D Wafer-to-Wafer Stacked Memories 1341_yield_improvement_for_3d_wafertowafer_stacked_memories.pdf (August 2012), Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications (JETTA), volume 28 , issue 4 [Journal Paper]
R. Nane, V.M. Sima, B Olivier, R.J. Meeuws, Y.D. Yankova, K.L.M. Bertels, DWARV 2.0: A CoSy-based C-to-VHDL Hardware Compiler 600_dwarv_20_a_cosybased_ctovhdl_hardware_compiler.pdf (August 2012), 22nd International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2012), 29-31 August 2012, Oslo, Norway [Conference Paper]
C. Gou, G.N. Gaydadjiev, Addressing GPU On-chip Shared Memory Bank Conflicts Using Elastic Pipeline 1292_addressing_gpu_onchip_shared_memory_bank_conflicts_using_e.pdf (July 2012), International Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP) , on-line first [Journal Paper]
C.B. Ciobanu, G.K. Kuzmanov, G.N. Gaydadjiev, On Implementability of Polymorphic Register Files 1293_on_implementability_of_polymorphic_register_files.pdf (July 2012), 7th International Workshop on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip (ReCoSoC 2012), 9-11 July 2012, York, UK [Conference Paper]
Y. Wang, S.D. Cotofana, L. Fang, Statistical Reliability Analysis of NBTI Impact on FinFET SRAMs and Mitigation Technique Using Independent-Gate Devices 1294_statistical_reliability_analysis_of_nbti_impact_on_finfet_s.pdf (July 2012), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2012), 4-6 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
M. Shahsavari, Z. Al-Ars, K.L.M. Bertels, Evaluation of Different Task Scheduling Policies in Multi-Core Systems with Reconfigurable Hardware 1295_evaluation_of_different_task_scheduling_policies_in_multic.pdf (July 2012), 8th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES 2012), 8-14 July 2012, Fiuggi, Italy [Conference Paper]
S. Safiruddin, M. Lefter, D. Borodin, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Zero-Performance-Overhead Online Fault Detection and Diagnosis in 3D Stacked Integrated Circuits 1308_zeroperformanceoverhead_online_fault_detection_and_diagno.pdf (July 2012), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2012), 4-6 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
S. Safiruddin, F. Peper, S.D. Cotofana, Stigmergic Search with Single Electron Tunneling Technology based Memory Enhanced Hubs 1309_stigmergic_search_with_single_electron_tunneling_technology.pdf (July 2012), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2012), 4-6 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands , Best PhD Student Paper Award [Conference Paper]
N. Cucu Laurenciu, S.D. Cotofana, A Markovian, Variation-Aware Circuit-Level Aging Model 1317_a_markovian_variationaware_circuitlevel_aging_model.pdf (July 2012), IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Nanoscale Architectures (NANOARCH 2012), 4-6 July 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [Conference Paper]
N. Aymerich, S.D. Cotofana, A. Rubio, Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Unreliable Technologies with Heterogenous Variability 1326_adaptive_faulttolerant_architecture_for_unreliable_technol.pdf (July 2012), IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (TNANO), volume 11, issue 4 [Journal Paper]
I. Ashraf, S.A. Ostadzadeh, R.J. Meeuws, K.L.M. Bertels, Communication-aware HW/SW Co-design for Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms 143_communicationaware_hwsw_codesign_for_heterogeneous_multic.pdf (July 2012), 10th International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA 2012), 15 July 2012, Minneapolis, USA [Conference Paper]
F. Anjam, L. Carro, S. Wong, G.L. Nazar, M.B. Rutzig, Simultaneous Reconfiguration of Issue-width and Instruction Cache for a VLIW Processor 144_simultaneous_reconfiguration_of_issuewidth_and_instruction.pdf (July 2012), International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architecture Modeling and Simulation (IC-SAMOS 2012), 16-19 July 2012, Samos, Greece [Conference Paper]
M.S. Khan, S. Hamdioui, Analyzing Combined Impacts of Parameter Variations and BTI in Nano-scale Logical Gates 1297_analyzing_combined_impacts_of_parameter_variations_and_bti.pdf (June 2012), 1st Workshop on Manufacturable and Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale (MEDIAN 2012), 1 June 2012, Annecy, France [Conference Paper]
N. Khammassi, J.C. Le Lann, J.Ph. Diguet, A. Skrzyniarz, MHPM: Multi-Scale Hybrid Programming Model: A Flexible Parallelization Methodology (June 2012), IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing (HPCC 2012), 25-27 June 2012, Liverpool, United Kindom , Liverpool, UK [Conference Proceedings]
K. Chandrasekar, B. Akesson, K.G.W. Goossens, Run-Time Power-Down Strategies for RealTime SDRAM Memory Controllers 142_runtime_powerdown_strategies_for_realtime_sdram_memory_con.pdf (June 2012), Design Automation Conference (DAC 2012), 3-7 June 2012, San Fransisco, USA , HiPEAC Paper Award [Conference Paper]
M. Taouil, S. Hamdioui, On Optimizing Test Cost for Wafer-to-Wafer 3D Stacked ICs 1296_on_optimizing_test_cost_for_wafertowafer_3d_stacked_ics.pdf (May 2012), 7th International Conference on Design & Technology of Integrated Systems in Nanoscale Era (DTIS), 16-18 May 2012, Tunis, Tunisia [Conference Paper]
S. Safiruddin, D. Borodin, M. Lefter, G.R. Voicu, S.D. Cotofana, Is 3D Integration The Way to Future Dependable Computing Platforms? 1307_is_3d_integration_the_way_to_future_dependable_computing_pl.pdf (May 2012), 13th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM 2012), 24-26 May 2012, Brasov, Romania [Conference Paper]
P.G. Zaykov, G.K. Kuzmanov, Multithreading on Reconfigurable Hardware: an Architectural Approach (May 2012), Microprocessors and Microsystems (MICPRO) [Journal Paper]
S.A. Ostadzadeh, R.J. Meeuws, I. Ashraf, C. Galuzzi, K.L.M. Bertels, Profile-Guided Application Partitioning for Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Platforms 137_profileguided_application_partitioning_for_heterogeneous_re.pdf (May 2012), 16th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and Digital Systems (CADS 2012), 2-3 May 2012, Shiraz, Iran [Conference Paper]